Sunday words

Hi, friends, known and unknown. This is my first post since a long time. I often feel like writing about my art but never get round it. It’s not just being busy. I have that thing – I don’t want to reveal too much about a project beforehand because of kind of superstition that it may not happen if the plans are here, all the small details, and then if it does not happen for some reason, and reasons do happen quite often, they you may be expecting to see the results and there would be nothing. Of course, you can argue I can write about the unfortunate flow of event but I would rather stay silent, I mean – there is enough, more than enough disappointment in the world to add to it in words. But, hey, this is life, nothing is guaranteed and I would enjoy sharing with you here a bit more about my ideas, reflections, impressions, memories, future projects :)


2 thoughts on “Sunday words

  1. I keep my plans to myself, too. What I reveal is in bits and only what is necessary to achieve an objective or milestone. The reason is not that I am secretive but, rather, that I have a hard time articulating intuition.

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