It’s been a while and I’ve been silent again. I think in pictures more and more often. Sometimes I walk the streets and see the world in fragments, in frames in stop-time little machines – photographs.

We are back to the snowy days and all is not very favorable for shoots, moreover I am from those type of people that are always freezing no matter what, lol. But I have time for plans for the next month, I have booked already two shoots with amazing models and just can’t wait… I should use the days for reflection and shaping out my concepts, visions.  I always start with a vague idea, like a glimpse of a dream and develop the whole storyline of a shoot from there.

Hahah, it may sound a bit funny but I’ve been watching “Supernatural” recently and it just inspires me. My photography, its true heart lies in the ream of fantasy, fairy-tales, symbols and mythical creatures. That’s where I see myself in the future in terms of creative of my photo-shoots.

So far, so good, hopefully soon I will find more time to process some more of my “Queen of Sorrow” series.

Last week was my shooting at “Bright and Tight Night” at the Castle in support of Marie Curie cancer trust. I also donated a shoot worth £100 for the Raffle Prizes. It was a great fun, and I was feeling that excitement like butterflies inside my body, when your breath stops for a second and you are all enthusiasm.

I have that tonight again as I am shooting tomorrow at the  Belgrade Theatre the catwalk of Afro Bacchanal. I am sure I won’t be able to get much sleep but it’s such a good feeling! Wishing a lovely Friday night to all of you, friends, talk soon xx


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