Poltergeist Project I

Hi friends, I have been like a ghost these days, sorry about that! So much going on and I can’t keep my thoughts together.

Here is how I utilized the Easter bank holidays:

I went on a shoot with Anda Nicu, a model with unique beauty, dark aura in the sense of “femme fatale” and all this mixed with sense for rebellion. We froze in the cold afternoon near a beautiful canal, she much more than me all wrapped up I must admit… But hey, all in name of art, I loved how the images turned out, nor very modest of me but hmmm :)

Then I went in the small park behind my house hiding a garden secateurs in my pocket like a serial killer and had a look for the prefect pair of thorns for my ghost project later this month. What can I do? They just don’t sell what I have in my mind so I have to make it myself, the kitchen was turned into a small painting workshop where paint was spraying, wires were cut and all that over protective cover of bin bags, lol Hope you guys like the result when I finally do the shoot! ^_^

Soon will drop more lines about the idea behind my weirdness and some symbolic interpretations. xx Image

The dress arrived today…

Here are my lovely thorns… and what they turned into.



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