Tips on modelling – a photographer’s advice

Hello, friends, finally writing down a few of my modelling tips, feel free to add, comment, recommend, etc.. Always happy to hear different perspectives. Hope you find this post useful!


1. Sound spirit in sound body – I know it sounds basic and goes without saying but sometimes we are just in a hurry, things happen too fast and we forget things. Just make sure you have enough time to relax the previous night, to take a shower and good care about all the small details of your appearance. You look at your best when you feel at your best and vise-versa.

Nowadays with so much Photoshop involved in the photography some may think it’s easy to edit the small imperfections but believe me, it does take time on Photoshop. When you choose a professional model for your project you don’t want to spend hours editing. This will also save time of the MUA and present you in much better light as someone who dedicates time to looking good and giving more towards the better results of the shoot. Thus your chances of being contacted and recommend in near future will increase.

2.Be prepared – plan all about your trip, draw a map if necessary, see it on Google maps on your phone. This guarantees you a positive first impression as being punctual and we all know first impression counts! If you are getting late, make sure you text or call photographer about the situation.

3.Train at home – the mirror is your best friend, try different poses and expressions, see which ones best suit you, feel comfortable in your skin. You can constantly learn by looking at professional fashion shoots of models that are already there. Find models you admire and learn from their poses, expressions. Watch their videos/if available/, try to find what makes them stand out and look professional. Have a look at their websites and follow their Facebook pages.

Also it’s very useful to look for visions you would like to do, store the images in folders and then approach photographers with an idea you would love to add to your portfolio. Pinterest is very useful for that.

4.When you pose, feel free to experiment, if your hands feel awkward, play with something, even if it’s part of the surroundings or an accessory. Imagine a situation, trigger an emotion. A valuable thing I have learned from actors(my partner is one) is that you may lock specific memories in your mind associated with different feelings. So every time you would like to evoke a specific feeling for the purpose of the photo-shoot, you can just dig in your mind and find this emotional trigger that will remind you and make you experience again that specific feeling.

5.Be open to collaborate if it’s worth it. To become really good in that profession you need a brilliant, outstanding portfolio. The more diversity you have in your portfolio, the more current it is, the better. Working with photographers TFP may generate additional publicity for you, will make you more confident and will enrich your portfolio. It can also lead to your first editorial publication.

6.Networking – it’s a must nowadays, if you are not on-line, if you don’t connect with new people from the fashion filed it’s will be almost impossible for you to get noticed. Make a Facebook page, be natural, register on modelling websites as ModelMayhem, Purestorm, PurplePort and get in touch with photographers, MUA-s, creatives, stylists, etc.

7.Invest in a website – takes you to a whole new level. Does not have to be a fancy 1000£ + website, you can just purchase a domain and use platforms ad Blogger or WordPress.

8.Make business cards and give them to the people you work and collaborate with.

9.Don’t tolerate time-wasters – if a person wasted your time once, it’s very likely he/she is going to do it again, stay away from such people is my advice.

10. Eat your breakfast – I know most models have a strict diet but that’s so very important, such a basic thing can spoil the whole shoot – if you don’t feel alright, it will be visible in the photographs, simple as that. Don’t take anything bulky that’s going to make you feel uncomfortable, it may be a raisin or chocolate bar, gives you energy and lifts your mood!

11.Don’t look all the time straight into the camera, change the spots at which you look – one idea behind or sideways from the photographer may produce a beautiful natural photograph. Lift your chin, this will make you look much more elegant and will make the photograph more atmospheric, the light will be reflected in your eyes. Also, you don’t have to smile all the time, just experiment with your emotions. I personally prefer non-smiling thoughtful kind of expressions. But for you most important is to remain true to yourself – you know yourself best and you know how to look best! If you are open and sincere you will achieve better results and will make lasting impression.

Thank you, friends, for reading and hope it was helpful for you!

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