Your art and disappointment – how to tackle it


Disappointment – the feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectations or hopes to manifest.The psychological results of disappointment vary greatly among individuals; while some recover quickly, others mire in frustration or blame or become depressed.

After some time on your way to developing your art you will inevitably face that feeling. It’s not nice, it may put you down for a bit but what you make of it is what matters.

I used to be one of those people that would place the blame always first on myself. But then I learned nothing good comes out of it, you can’t hold that inside you because it’s going to poison you. There are things that do not depend on you and if you do something wrong then make a note of it and simply make sure next time you do better, you take more steps to avoid your mistake.

Working with people is always complex, we all have our lives, our duties, our everyday cares. It’s not an easy task to book a suitable day for a team of more than two people and the usual team in a photo-shoot consist of 3 – Model, MUA, Photographer.

I can’t forget one of the cases I had when I organized a shoot with a famous MUA from another town and a model I have worked with before. The MUA had only one day free for that booking in her schedule and was traveling to my location.

Now imagine – the MUA is on the motorway, I am all packed, I text to the model and guess what – she can’t make it because she forgot… I feel like I want to shoot myself because I should have planned it better, I should have supposed something like that may happen… oh, well, next time, from next time I will always make sure, and I will work with people I can trust. In such moments you want to be a one-man army, you want to be everything for your shoot – a MUA, a stylist, a wardrobe designer…

But after a time you realize you shouldn’t do that to yourself. You shouldn’t let your disappointment from one person transfer on your collaboration with other people.  Because there are lovely and professional people out there and you should not miss the chance to make something beautiful together.

I have had similar cases since then but I always try to see a bad situation as an opportunity. If the MUA can’t make it maybe I can try my creativity with the brush, if the model can’t come for some reason, I have more time to plan future shoots or call someone else to make some photographs. Don’t let yourself be let down, simple :)

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