Body and Soul – healthy eating for models

From all the things I’ve seen and I’ve tried the best advice I can give is eat whenever you feel like and whatever you feel like small portions. When you start feeling you are eating too much junk, you are probably right. So try eating something healthy on the next meal. You will immediately feel better. Everything else is a torture, constant counting of calories, craving and punishing yourself, it’s not going to lead to any long-term positive results an even if your body looks fine your inner self will suffer and this always becomes visible. Body and soul are so interrelated that it’s incredible what a mindset can achieve.

What I learned from my previous experience is that you need to be in harmony with your inner self, you need to feel pretty from inside and then this inner beauty will become visible to others.

I am always welcoming your comments and point of view, feel free to share :)


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