Summer’s here!

I know, I know – I haven’t posted for ages, it’s been a crazy two weeks or so :)) Me, Andra and Natalia did the long planned summertime shoot with orchids and fresh & bright styling.


You can see the mood-board prepared by Andra for the shoot. Natalia worked on 3 different looks for this sun-inspired idea. You can see the complete session here. It was great fun catching the last sun-rays in the backyard on unusually sunny English afternoon.

On Sunday I had a shoot with Charlotte around Coventry Cathedral and Holy Trinity Church. She came all the way from Shrewsbury for the shoot. I hope you like the results.

I have one more shoot this Thursday and I am gone to Bulgaria for 2 weeks. Will hopefully make some lovely seaside photographs with my lifetime favorite models – my best friends.

I would like to tell some more about the preparation before a first shoot with a model, what I do is gather as many photographs that clearly display her/his features in a folder and then have a look through them, try to catch the personality and how you can portray it or what kind of character it would fit to. Then I think of objects and places that may complement the idea and may help me more easily express an idea or present a character.

Also planning of the clothing is quite essential. You need to find a touch point between your individual style and the style of the model so to some extend you both feel more comfortable. In the choice of colors I personally prefer colors that make the person stand out, simplicity, and depends on the idea, bit not too bright. Some accent is always good, whether it’s an accessory or a detail of the clothing.

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