How to clean your camera and lenses

Cleaning your camera and lens is as essential as having a camera itself. What’s the point of having a fancy camera and lens if the image spoils by stains on the glass?

I personally have a bit of OCD for keeping my camera lens clean and always putting the lens cap back even if it’s a really small pause. Sometimes you just don’t even realize how easy dust and prints just appear on the lens and forgetting to clean them may cost you your whole day of shooting.

When I first started shooting and learning photography I used computer screen cloth for keeping the lens clean. Later on, I started searching form more elaborate cleaning method. Now I use a combination of cleaning cloth and a lens cleaning pen which I find extremely helpful. Important for the cloth is not to touch it directly with your fingers but use protective gloves to avoid any possible smudging. With the pen you can first carefully remove the dust particles and then with the other end clean the lens to perfection. I always use round movements to avoid smudging. Works for me :)

I hope you may find this helpful, wishing you a nice evening!


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