Lip Shoot

Earlier this week I posed some of my first tests with the extension tube I got for our planned lip shoot. Yesterday I decided to see how actual lips would look like shot with the camera and the tube. I used my tripod, flashgun/the room is quite dark/, and the remote control.

I am also posting the initial mood-board prepared by the MUA, the idea is very close to what you can see on the collage of photographs.


So far, so good! I did the self-lip shoots pretty quick, and then the trouble comes… Hmmm, retouching lips turned out to me much more challenging than I thought. Moreover the lips were colored by me and not by professional MUA, no foundation, nothing… My first efforts could clearly be identified as an epic fail! Then I watched some tutorials for lip retouch on YouTube, worked on the image the afternoon and left the rest for this morning.

Well, the end result is not too bad but far from satisfactory. But I think the MUA and the model will make the difference eventually. So, fingers crossed! There is always more to learn and more skills to develop, and it’s all pretty exciting! :)


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