Summer in UK

The best thing about summer is there are so many events, opportunities for shoots, places to visit, people to see. During last week I managed to visit The Thirteen Graduate Fashion Show of Coventry University, make an improvised shoot with a friend of mine, learn that our SunKissed  shoot will be published in Australian Magazine, make plans for bathtub shoot with the lovely Andra UK Model and the talented MUA Natalia from Passion4MakeUp and prepare to finally make my paper-dress project.

The Fashion show was really inspiring experience. This year they hired processional models for the catwalk and the event was really glamorous. Some of the designs were simply wow! Fashion designers you should really check out the work of are Aspar Karahyuseinov and Magdalena Mikova (who is also a professional model).

IMG_5237s IMG_5173  IMG_4660IMG_4959

After a long time no see I met for a coffee with Katarina who was also modelling at the Graduate Fashion Show. I finally gave her the copy of Granta in which a photograph I took of her last summer was featured. Then we decided to take a walk around town, take some photographs like in the good old times. We even managed to go to Canal Basin where I finally took photographs of her at the magical staircase nearby. Sadly she is soon going for good as she finished her BA. At least we created some really nice memories of this day in the unusually sunny weather in Coventry.

IMG_2981d IMG_3631sx IMG_2907

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