Bathtub Shoot

I am extremely excited for this Saturday’s bathtub shoot with Andra Colcer and Natalia Marszalek. I wanted to do a similar project for such a long time! I even once did a bathtub shoot but not really in the romantic vision that they are usually styled. It was more horror/macabre thing, lol. Hmmm, let me see if I can find a photo/waring: not for all type of audiences/… And at that time the lighting was absolutely horrible, almost pitch dark and I even did not have a flashgun… : ))

Anyways, I am drifting away as usual… I got some sequins and suitable garment for underneath, we are planning to use some flowers and maybe coins… Simply can’t wait, I am charging my camera battery as we speak, hih! Here is some of the inspiration for the mood-board. I absolutely LOVe this, this and this image, I would be happy to create something of the same scale but with a different feel. :)


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