Summer impressions and experiments

It was quite eventful two weeks even thought I got fever for about 5 days which wasn’t very nice but at least gave me time to edit all the photographs I have taken the previous days.

I finally did my photo-shoot for Kokoberi Bespoke Headpieces in Birmingham. It was extremely sunny day with not a single cloud on the sky which was quite challenging but I think it actually turned out quite original with all the glitter of the sun and the brightness of the outfits. You can decide for yourself – the photographs are here.

Another exciting project was “Black Peacock” with the gorgeous model Georgie Riot. We planned the costumes beforehand and the mood-board was painted in dark fairy-tale colors. It turned out quite creepy I think – the contrast of all the asylum type greenness and sunshine around and the Gothic look that suited her so much. My birdy friend the crow joined us for the walk. Georgie said she really likes the fact that we are doing something quite different from the other photo-shoots she had before. I think to big extend I am also returning to my original dark style of photography which I enjoy so much. Feel free to have a look at the results and leave a comment.


Wishing you an exciting Friday night, friends! ^_^

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