Still here! : ))

You know you haven’t written for a while when you have to reset your password to login to your blog, lol

And all of a sudden everything has changed… I love in these autumn mornings when I walk this bitter-sweet smell of the fallen leaves, it’s like it fills your lungs with colours, it feels so temptingly real.

I moved to Leamington Spa probably a month ago and set up a little home studio in which I already did several shoots and had the pleasure to meet some lovely new people. I did a portrait shoot for a charming lady called Anna, and the shoot itself was a present from her sister Monika for her birthday. My close friend Maria with which I work on Love Heart Photo, saved the day doing beautiful make up after the MUA did not turn up. Next week she did a make up and a photo-session for me and my cat Shadow who is not so much kitten anymore, although if we judge by his behavior he is still my little baby, hih I also did some shots of Maria who is very photogenic but extremely picky for final results : ) We had fun, which is the main part, and we plan to keep it this way ; )

I will show you some of the results, although if you follow me on Facebook as well they may seem quite familiar. And I am wishing everyone joyful Friday evening!


P.S.: I got published with my Make a Wish Photo Shoot in G.O.O.D.S. Fall 2013 Issue with 22 page feature. Thank you, Natalia and Andra for making this happen!

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