Halloween Photography

For artists like me thriving on darkness, tempted by the secrets of the unknown, every day is Halloween. I like how Autumn in England stays for longer, the sweet aroma of fallen red fruits and  leafs, the golden glitter spilled by the street lamps on an early rainy morning. I like the warm orange of the pumpkins with carved burning eyes and sliced mouths. I love the smoke of burned wood dancing around your nostrils like opiate. Because beauty as I see it, in its truest form, is terrifying… you hold your breath, you are afraid to make a movement not to spoil the moment… your pupils enlarge, your heart beats faster, you feel that veneration of something out of this world but at the same time you can’t stop looking, you won’t let go… I think that’s the charm of Medusa, the deceitful songs of the sirens, the broken piece of the mirror of The Snow Queen… and it’s all fascinating….

The Magician series is one of my photo-shoots dedicated to the dark arts. It’s a representation of a character, illusionist, a smile of a stranger who can mould reality. Maybe that’s why they get noticed and featured in the Halloween 2013 issue of Giuseppina Magazine.


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