20s Great Gatsby’s style Photo Shoot


For the first collection of Everlasting Love Bespoke Bridal Accessories by my dear friend Sai, we organized and accomplished a 20s Photo Shoot. This was an unusual one not only because of the great location and props but also because I was invited to be one of the models. I don’t usually like being in front of the camera except if it’s a self-portrait or a friend shooting, I think I am not really a model type(although some of my friends beg to differ on this topic), but as it was for Sai and such a great idea, I did not hesitate at all.

It was a long but extremely exciting and joyful day, we started as early as 6:30am with two amazing Vintage Hairstylists(such characters) who did miracles and totally transformed me and Maria into ladies from “The Roaring Twenties”. Thanks to a friend and neighbor of Sai we got for the shoot stunning green Morgan car which perfectly complemented the look we were aiming for. The rest of the photo-shoot took place inside the beautiful house of Sai and Jason which provided the right atmosphere of vintage luxury with Art Deco details.

Now, the only thing left to do is go through the 7.8GB of photographs and choose the best ones to be published on the website of Everlasting Love. Knowing me I won’t be able to sleep properly until the last one is retouched and I really hope you like the final results.

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