Winter – time for presents!


We are in the crazy days before Christmas – shop sprees, black Fridays, offers, lights, reindeer, snowflakes, cards, even heard the word “your Christmas pound” today, lol. Everything is branded Christmas. Everything looks more shiny and is made to look cheaper than before with bigger sized letters and snow-dust polishing.

So, I was thinking what I would really consider a Christmas offer, what I would like to get as a discount to really count. 50% sounds quite good to me and so here I am – offering half the price for an outdoor shoot in December. Happy to say, two lucky girls already took advantage of the offer and have booked a shoot. And there are no strings attached – I am still going to spend the same amount of time catching the moment, same amount of time for preparation, same hours post-processing the photographs, with all the care that I put into it and all my heart because I love what I do. Simple as that. Yes, they say – “If you are good at something never do it for free” but this is a present, a Christmas gift for all who appreciate photography. Thank you, friends, have a lovely evening! ^_^


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