Spring Spirits

Allegory of Spring Sandro Botticelli

I know it’s winter but for a first time I am dreaming of Spring. I think I have never appreciated this season properly, it has always been my least favorite of them all, the time of rebirth, the mystic cradle of life… As some of you may know I adore Autumn, the warmth, the nostalgia, the scent of decadence, the colours… ah, the dazzling dance of dark red and saturated yellow, and darkest brown and surprising notes of purple and orange. Spring has always been to me somehow soppy, too sugar-coated. And I am glad I re-discovered it, re-imagined it, as my imagination found shelter in its tempting hidden reality.

I remember Spring as a woman spreading light and flowers, gently but surely bringing lasting change into the world. (ref. Sandro Botticelli). This time I saw it as a magician, a goddess, which calls the Spirits to revive the life on Earth, to redeem life, to transform reality.

Then I started my research – looking for patterns, colors, inspiration. I wanted to recreate the mystic atmosphere, the Spirits almost visible, interacting. It was my first use of smoke-makers and I wasn’t sure whether we won’t get scolded for making smoke in Jephson Gardens where the shoot took place. Actually surprisingly no one cared and the smoke gets dispersed too quickly for anyone to take notice. I found a suitable headpiece on Etsy build with delicate Lilly of the valley flowers(symbolically related to the Spring in Bulgaria) which fit perfectly the enigmatic model Gayatri Kapur. I did the eye-shadow in green earth colors reminiscent of a poisonous flowers. For the lips I used almost invisible skin-like color as my main aim was to highlight the eyes. Last but not least, I went searching for delicate spring flowers, some which are more rare than the roses which grow anytime of the year and some which would carry the most characteristic colors of Spring.

Another challenge was the freezing cold and this is the time I would like to thank Gayatri for her bravery. Most of the shoot we did at selected locations in the Jephson Gardens. Then we got back to a warm cup of tea at home and the rest of the photographs were taken at my home studio.

I am currently working on the post-processing of the photographs and feel impatient to reveal them and really hope you, friends, will like what we have created.

Silvena Toncheva Photography

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