Entering the New Year 2014

new year owl-525

I am entering the new year stronger. I feel I am filled with hope and plans for more creation. But you know what’s the best about plans? – noting happens as it’s planned. And I think this is part of the true beauty of enjoying life, to know there is much more to come but never to know for definite what’s waiting for you around the corner. It’s a bit like Photography in one of the ways I experience it : a spontaneous moment, an unusual idea that happens, grows in your mind and shapes by the wind of the moment.

I feel blessed and I feel thankful. The last year has introduced me to some extraordinary characters, has faced me with some really hard decisions and challenging situations, has given me the chance to grow and develop my potential. I had the opportunity to accomplish some exciting Photo-shoots, work with gifted MUA-s and talented models and get 90% of my work published in Fashion Magazines. For all of you, lots of love and hope you had a great New Year!

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