Photographing London Coffee Festival

I have been chosen for official photographer of Bird Cage Blue brand and their stand at London Coffee Festival 2014. For a coffee-addict like me you can imagine how I jumped for joy when I learned the news. Entering the The Old Truman Brewery where the event was held this year I could get caffeinated(is there such word?lol) just by taking a breath.¬† These are the Elysium Fields for every coffee-lover! Everything was buzzing, vibrant, moving. Everywhere I looked there was colourful amalgam of coffee-lovers, all this spiced up with the unique characters you can discover¬† in city like London. I was snapping photos by the second. What made the whole experience even more enjoyable was the company of Samantha Avery – A coffee Architect, Jane Ward – Hair-Stylist and a Burlesque performer, and Jane Miller. Now, I will certainly need lots of coffee to go through all photographs chosen from the show, hih. Can’t wait to show you the final results!

6440_8b2e 84212

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