Queen of Frogs

IMG_9150ss_peachy_fin Silvena_Toncheva_Queen_of_Frogs

These are my favourite photography series which I have worked on. Along with “Queen of Sorrow” they belong to the ideas I have developed from scratch and gathered all props and materials for.  I invested a lot of time choosing the right outfits and all little details. I wanted it to be perfect. And for the purpose I hired a professional MUA – the talented Kelly Odell – who made my idea come to life even better than what I imagined it. I was lucky also working with two extremely beautiful ladies – the model Gayatri Kapur and the model Maria Sheovska. You may recognise them from my “Spring Spirits” series and “Roaring Twenties” photo-shoot. I just would like to thank everyone involved because I truly feel we have created something extraordinary. If you are a magazine editor interested in featuring the series, feel free to drop me a line at info@silvenaphotography.co.uk. Thank you, friends! ^_^

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