Back on track

We’ve been blessed with beautiful sunshine the last two weeks and hopefully the weather will stay nice throughout the Summer. I started making plans for new photo-shoots, I have some exiting fashion brands being in touch which I am dying to reveal but I will stick to my rule of keeping secret before it’s 100% sure. I am just going to tell you that two extremely talented designers are involved in the planning of the first shoot, one of which I have previously worked with and another with who I dreamed for a long time to work with! As for the second project, it is for a fairy-tale style dress designer who would also model and according to me (and I don’t give such a praise easy – those who know me can confirm) one of the most beautiful creatures on earth.


I have also joined Instagram on silvenatoncheva and really enjoying it. Not so sure about my cat – Shadow, who really dislikes being photographed and turns his head in the opposite of the camera direction. But oh, well, he will have to deal with it. The way I deal with his 3am moth-chasing entertainment almost every night.

By chance I came across quite interesting story of a lady whose portrayal I would like to turn into a future photographic project. It’s a tragic story of a woman who is forced into prostitution and becomes victim of a serial killer. For this purpose I am on the lookout for a strawberry-blond(ginger) model, with pale complexion, size 8. Give me a shout if you happen to know a lady who fits this description, many thanks in advance.

And just yesterday I modeled for Everlasting Love Bespoke Bridal Accessories in lavender fields near Cotswold, but for this – in a separate post ; ) …

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