More Lavender!


Few days ago I got an invitation to be published in  DIY Weddings Magazine December 2014 Issue with ‘Lavender Fields Forever’. It’s been a busy week getting all photographs retouched for the magazine. And I was just getting nostalgic for this magnetic place – Cotswold Lavender, when I got asked to make a romantic shoot for a lovely lady and her husband via LoveHeartPhoto. Seems like love is in the air this month as there is also a wedding approaching which will take place at Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa.

We arrived on an early morning and not only it was  foggy but also the rain was getting stronger and stronger. We were not sure if we would be able to make the shoot at all. Fortunately for us there were several small ‘brakes’ between the rainfalls and we managed to capture some beautiful moments. I can still feel the aroma of the wet lavender filling the air with with freshness and bliss. And yes, it did get muddy but well worth it. You may be covered in mud all over but as soon as you have a smile on your face that’s what matters.


After the lavender we drove to a windmill nearby. There was a film-maker who warned us there is an electric storm coming and said he is there to film it. Well, we still decided we will be quick shooting and there is nothing to be worried about…. and we ended up running like mad from the storm and a thunder falling next to one of the cars. I would say it was a great fun, hih. Here are the photos from the shoot at the lavender fields. I hope you like them!


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