The Fall

I would usually start my favourite season with this song. Again where did the time go? I’ve been so busy the last two months but it was definitely exciting journey – I learned a lot, created art with some truly amazing people and managed to steal some stop-time moments. Sad but sometimes it feels like nothing teaches you more than bad experience, every time my photography has been challenged by disappointment I did a big leap after the fall. There are times when you rethink your motives and driving force and try to get back to that magnificent enchantment of taking photographs and conveying meaning, putting pieces together and showing the beauty you find in surprising shapes, places and objects.

Then there she comes. The muse  – like a magician she transforms the canvas into a masterpiece where your ideas are brought to life by her aura. You have to feel inspired, you have to be losing your breath taking photos and seeing your canvas being filled with colour, light and shade. If you are not inspired, don’t expect breath-taking results, simple as that. When there is no joy and emotion, photography is just clicking….

I am just back from my long-needed few days of holiday when my best friend and her husband visited me here in UK. The day before they came I had a photo-retouching session with Siyana who taught me an amazing amount of tips within hours. She is not only talented but also an artist to look up to – always looking to learn something new, to meet new people and to create. I feel lucky for knowing her.

I contributed to the partly fulfilment of one of my last year’s new year resolutions which was to visit more UK cities. We did go to Oxford and I did find a day is certainly not enough to explore half of it. So much attention to detail and just stunning, as in the sense almost surreal places scattered in the veins of the city. I also reminded myself how much I like London which is like a Rubik’s cube – its numerous faces changing in unexpected situations, one buzzing black hole of human souls, traffic and exploration. It’s one of those places that can make you smile and die from the inside within a flip of a second.

www IMAG0734wwww smmmIMAG0732ww blue


They were two

human beings;

hands clutched

in deep sleep.

Their souls smiling at each other,

their bodies lying on the pavement

near Piccadilly Circus.



I wrote it on the bus back and I am thinking that even if it was a performance it must have been more truthful than what was behind those glamorous walls… just a thought. Art is art because it makes you feel. We must make more art of our lives… now if you excuse me – my cat is making the noise of a galloping horse upstairs to I’m going to check… dare I…



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