Happy days

Hello, lovelies, it’s early morning and I almost forgot to drink my coffee before it goes cold. Just wanted to say again how blessed I feel for having your support, the messages I get from people really keep me going. Art is a strange thing, it can find energy even in the darkest corner and transform it if there is even a small glimpse of light. People say life is like photography – we develop from negatives, but I beg to differ.  I really feel I develop from negatives but I do feel I develop from the positives a lot. One of my closest friends once told me that what makes an angel is just one person to believe in his/her existence. And having people to believe in the art you create is a responsibility and strong motivation to keep on trying to be better, to be true to yourself and to put your heart and mind into the empty canvas.


I would like to dedicate this post to two people so in love. I had the pleasure to be part of their beautiful wedding day and to capture their happiness for them to keep in photographs. I dare to think I am not a soppy person and I think with time less and less things can move me, but I must admit I did melt a bit seeing how right they are for each other in every little gesture, look and word. Still makes me smile and you could see me giggle while retouching some of the ‘just for fun’ photos with funny faces we took.

So yes, such moments make me happy and I wanted to share – click here to see some of the photographs. Have a beautiful day, boys and girls, seems sunny outside : )

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