Cold as ice

I know it’s truly Winter when I get home and half of my fingers are pale blue and the other half yellow from freezing. For a person who is always cold, even in mid Summer, such freezing days are a real challenge. I can’t even remember where I’ve put my gloves, and I am pretty sure next to the sock-eating monster there is also a glove-eating, hair-bobble eating and bobby pin munching creatures hiding in the dark corners of every house.

Cold times, my friend. They are times of creativity as well. You realise all of a sudden how much you actually enjoy photo-shooting outside when you no longer can. And start to wonder why the hell you didn’t do more outdoor photo-sessions when you had the longest Summer ever. Oh, well…

Last week’s ‘Vintage Glamour‘ shoot was meant to be an outdoor one. But considering it was pouring down two days in a row and it was quite chilly, it had to be a studio day. I can’t complain. In fact, I got to use an old background Maria got me from a vintage auction which complemented the theme extremely well. Not completely sure if it was the reflective surface of the background or the way I positioned the lights, but I am delighted how the lighting turned out in the end photographs, hopefully I will be able to replicate it on my next studio project.

Hair was taken care of by the fabulous Jane, I can always trust her to create the best vintage look. It was a challenging task as it turned out I asked for one of the most complex and timely hair-styles. Speaking of Jane, I helped her out with her website a week ago(that’s how I rest), feel free to have a look – ChezTitineSalon. The make-up look was created by Marie Hoban, an upcoming locally-based MUA. Last but not least, the model was gorgeous Charlotte White. Her delicate and royal features were just the right spice to make it happen. I hope you, friends, like the artworks we created.


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