Keep it up

January is almost half way through and I feel some new energy to create this year which I hope to keep for the months ahead. I have just got out of my depression period in terms of my art and I think doing more ‘dark’ type of shoots is truly my thing. Of course I won’t leave the vintage themes, they have contributed hugely to my growing up as an artist during the last two years, but now I feel a bit more brave to try new things. Which reminds me I found this image on Pinterest yesterday by which I am hugely inspired. Another exciting event I’m looking forward to is the re-opening of Chez Titne in her own establishment in Leamington Spa on 31st January. Jane is truly wonderful person and crazy gifted hair-stylist and I wish all the success to her new salon. If you are nearby you should certainly pop up, she does miracles – experience speaking.

The new year brought some good news as well, I was published in DIY Weddings December issue with the ‘Lavender Fields Forever‘ series. I would love to shoot in Cotswold Lavender again this year and if my driving lessons go well (fingers crossed) I may be able to drive there some day (when/if I get a license lol).


During the winter break I managed to do some cosmetic work at home like fix that curtain that was falling from the hooks and finally put frames on all my paintings on my wall. Speaking of which I sorted the photographs of my paintings and started building a website for my artworks. Painting under the pseudonym Marie Muller I already have a Facebook page for it with like… 12 likes. It needs some love… : ))


Ah, yes, they have finally released some of the images for the promotion of One World Week Fashion Show by University of Warwick which will take place on 30th January. You can see the photographs on this link. I have received some feedback from the team – ‘Thanks for the photos again, the look great and are having incredible responses!’ (#sohappy).

I have also submitted some of my self-portraits to magazines, let’s see how it goes.

This month… well, more like the last three days, I am a lot into healthy eating, I think I am trying to take a bit more care about my physical well-being which was kind of neglected last year with the outrageous amounts of chocolate, chips, biscuits, crumpets and bacon eaten on a daily basis. Don’t ask how I stayed so thin considering my eating habits, my own explanation is it’s all in your head, your body and mind are so interrelated that your physical appearance is a mindset (a theory). So, I am even thinking of starting a small food blog, I have significant amount of information about food and how it affects you, gathered during the years in which I was suffering from an eating disorder, which can now be turned into something good, hopefully inspirational, and would also help me stick to my decision of sound mind in sound body.


Another thing… seems like I have a lot of things to tell you today, bear with me lol… I would like to build on my retouching skills, so I will try to experiment with different techniques and watch more tutorials. Last week I was so upset with myself because I could not achieve a certain retouching effect, it felt horrible. Now I am thinking that frustration has always been a driving force in art, it’s a good sign, means you still have lots to learn but at least you haven’t lost the desire to do new things and strive to be better. And with a risk to sound cheesy I will share with you two of the most motivational sayings which I repeat to myself every time I get stuck – ‘If you are going through Hell… keep going.’ and ‘He who has why to live can bear almost any how.’

That’s from me for now, lovelies, enjoy your day, hope it’s filled with light from inside out.


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