Spellbound is the title of the new series which I photographed in January with one of the gorgeous models from the ‘Queen of frogs’ and promising MUA and model Charlotte White. It consist of three sets all united by the themes of boldness, rebellion and dark beauty. For a long time I wanted to make a photo-shoot with gold elements and finally the idea came to life. It would not be possible without these two ladies and the advise of the fashion photographer Siyana Kasabova who helped me with tips on retouching. I would like to thank them all, my heart is filled with butterflies… black butterflies with red eyes.

Gold Makeup Fashion FashionGoldMakeup

Anyway, good news is I feel I have now shaken off the depression period from last week and have crawled into the sun which allows me to make more future photography plans. I hope to meet my own expectations and I hope you would enjoy the end results. I will be releasing the photographs of the series on the following link.

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