Making Fascinators

Silvena Toncheva Fashion Photography

I am extremely excited to announce that the book ‘Making Fascinators‘ by Matilda Warr from Kokoberi Bespoke Headpieces is now out and available to purchase from Vivebooks. You can also download a sample of the book from their website. We worked on this project early in May 2014. This is the second book cover which features a photograph taken by me. (The first one is ‘Passiespel‘.) The photo-shoot was a real pleasure: the gorgeous models Maria Sheovska and Charlotte White brought life to the creations of Matilda and now you can see some of the photographs on the following link.

Some of you may notice a difference in retouch compared to some of my more recent images. It’s just that my style has changed over time. This shoot was also one of my first studio projects and I was with my really really old laptop with uncalibrated display at the time. Vivebooks and Matilda are very pleased with the results which makes me glow from inside. I am sure this book would be a gem for any DIY fan who is keen to learn the art and craft of making fascinators.

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