Looking Ahead

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 11.30.11

It’s getting lighter and lighter and it makes me extremely happy as this means more outdoor photography opportunities. Fingers crossed it’s also warm next weekend when I will be taking the first photographs for my ‘Ichtys‘ project with gorgeous Maria Sheovska. Hoping to catch the gentle light at sunset, but you never know if there would be sun… But I’ve learned the best thing to do is experiment with the conditions you’ve got, catch the moment and make the best of it. When I look back at my start in photography I have done some of my best works of the time in conditions in which many wouldn’t even try to shoot. Curious fact is that the ‘Firestarter‘ series were taken in my mum’s kitchen(a tiny one) and with natural light only.

Meanwhile our photo-shoot ‘Spellbound‘ with model Gia and MUA Charlotte White got published in the March issue of ‘BeauNu’ magazine. Well done, girls, keep it up! : )

I have cancelled ‘Caramel Fox‘ website for the time being, I am trying to stay more focused. I have spent some time last week re-working Silvena Photography website and you can see the result here. Hope you, guys, like it.



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