Ichtys series – Holly

There has been a miracle transformation in the recent weeks, everything gets greener and greener, more lively, more buzzing, more aromatic and flowing. England is so incredibly beautiful when the sun shines, it charges you with so much positive energy that you feel you wanna dance and run and seek for adventure. My spirits weren’t so high last Sunday when I woke up to the sound of the rain knowing I have a photo-shoot planned just couple of hours ahead. I feel blessed as the rain cleared out an hour before the stunning model – Holly Alexander, arrived and it even got so hot outside that I was wearing short sleeves (which like never ever happens). And then, as we just finished, it started raining again. I feel my guardian angels decided to spoil me on that day.

This was the first time working with Holly and I was absolutely delighted, it’s such a pleasure creating art with her. Maria came round to kindly do her magic with the makeup, hair and styling choices, everything she touches turns to gold! This shoot was a bit of a challenge as the fish was bigger and heavier and we did (indeed) attract a lot of attention in Victoria park. But to say I am pleased with the outcome is an understatement, I am just so immensely happy. I am not sure how good I am at transferring my excitement and gratitude when people like my work, when I see the comments and shares, but it really means the world. There is nothing like someone believing in you and supporting you for who you are and the type of art that you create.

Which reminds me today my heart skipped a beat when my friend and fellow-photographer Siyana showed me a painting by Petrova Art inspired by my Ichtys series – click here to see. To be honest I felt my cheeks going red as I looked at it, I couldn’t believe my eyes…

I also managed to complete my Golden Girl oil painting based on a Bulgarian legend which you can read under the photograph. I haven’t yet found the right frame for it but will be on the look.

This weekend I caught up with friends, we had some crazy moments together, and this morning I went on a quest for treasures round the charity shops in Leamington to find inspiration for my future photography projects, it’s amazing what you can find sometimes. The afternoon was filled with real coffee and retouching. I hope you enjoyed your weekend too.

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