It’s been a difficult week, week that makes you think about thousand things… Evil never comes alone, and sometimes it’s like the black gets darker and darker and saturates your inner world… I had time for my thoughts since a long time whether that was for the good I can not tell. Life is so fragile and we are reminded, and we stay there with our hands empty when we come to realise but we can not stop time, we can only remember, cling to a second, bring a nice memory of someone to mind, live in for a short while and keep it in our mind, saved.

I was on the train the other day, looking through the window at million shells of life left uninhabited, looking at the universe spin around, listening closely to the beat of my mind. My grandfather used to be a train driver, he was taking a lot of night shifts. I remember being a lot on the train as a kid, I did find it a great adventure.

Last Saturday I had the pleasure to meet Elena who took part in my ‘Ichtys’ project. She has that magical fairy hair and compellingly delicate beauty. I really enjoyed working with her, we found many things in common. We didn’t have a MUA and hair-stylist so I took the task of doing the makeup and hair and even I was pleasantly surprised with the result.

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