Dear friend, I had the most amazing journey during the weekend. I am not allowed to talk about it in detail but I think I can reveal the most essential part of it was that it gave me a new perspective on looking at my impressions and the way I share them with you. I wanted to make the read of this blog  much more of a soul experience and what I found was that the only thing I need to do is stay true to myself, to let the emotion guide me and the words flow free like little blackbirds – letters on the white screen. I feel inspired and privileged to have the chance to share my true thoughts without having the fear that I might get misunderstood for when you can truly feel something and when you speak from the depth of your heart that is what  matters and what is here to stay. I also had time to walk and explore little parts of London new to me, as in the hustle and bustle you can be sure that there is always more to see, more to discover, more to find about the city and you and you in the city. Sometimes I imagine it like a see, ever changing and flowing inside your mind like a dark liquid. Here are some clicks from my journey I feel happy to share with you:

P.S.: There will be some more, just need some more time to sort them and re-size. Have a lovely evening all.

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