It’s been wonderfully strange two weeks I think.

I celebrated my birthday with a tea party at home, probably  a sure sign I am getting older. I was delighted to see so many of my friends all on once place and spend some time chatting away, which as you may have noticed, doesn’t happen so often to me – always working on some project or planning the next one. I absolutely loved my presents which goes to show how thoughtful my close people are and that they know me better and better. I only wish my friends from Bulgaria were here with me. They created a mem video from moments we had together – Vall’s wedding, our trip on Ropotamo river, photographs – which brought me to tears.

The day before, I was on a photo-shoot with Ruth Mary in Victoria park – ‘Book of secrets‘. I wanted to organise a project with her for a long time, ever since I made a photo-shoot for her jewellery collection. She has this specific aura made of existential sadness and silent reflection with her deep and blue eyes and dark hair. I would say she is definitely one of those people whose soul appears on the surface and you can see the strength of character and beauty of thoughts. I am delighted that she would like to take part in my Ichtys project.

And I have just finished a short video for the Ichtys series with Holly Alexander and Maria Shoevska which can be viewed here.

I am sharing with you those two behind the scenes photographs:

IMG_4449 IMG_4557

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