Summer drift

I am back from holiday with two new shoots for my Ichtys series on the editing list and one more planned for next week. To say my cat was happy to see me is an understatement and same goes for me although he very quickly got back to his mischievous mode. I was also pleasantly surprised by the weather because even though I had the transition from 30-37 degrees on the seaside back to 16 degrees at rainy London Luton airport, it doesn’t really feel cold. Either I have collected lots of sun or it’s wonderfully summerish at the moment. Seems like the ideal weather for more creative projects, I must start filling my schedule even more tightly.

Interesting, I wrote 3 poems while being away(haven’t done this for years), and clumsily tried to translate them to English this evening to share with you:


The lantern crying

– the moon is watering its eyes,

the moon is chilly,

slaughtered by reaping-hook.

Adhering to the veins of darkness

– salt crystals with the names of stars.

A lonely ray of silence

penetrates the shelter of my dream,

the window sill is still, anticipating

my feet stepping outside.



I wrapped up my nightmare

with my childhood blanket

– he seemed somehow embarrassed,

numb with cold.

I red his eyes – I found fear,

covered up,

in dense matter stitched from sleep.

This awkward gesture

made me feel obliged

to offer tea – white, no sugar.

And even the weather began to melt,

to flow like liquid down the water pipe,

drumming – it started raining with a tact.

Then me and my companion

could finally relax

as our conversation topic has arrived.


Permanent marks

Walnut leaves

of your shadow

left patterned traces

on the back of my eyelids.

I blink with you

– lashes crumble

like pine needles.

And I forget daily,


clerically reconciled.

But how to mask the mark

of all the things

that never

happened to you.


And last but not least, let me share some photos from my adventure, hope you are enjoying your summer too.

Silvena Photography Silvena Photography Silvena Photography Silvena Photography Silvena Photography

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