Top 10 tips about modelling

After being in the fashion and art photography field for more than 8 years I decided to share what, according to me, makes a model successful and gives a flying start to her or his career. I hope you find this little compilation useful and feel free to share your thoughts or add to my advice.

1.The best thing you can wear is confidence, it makes your beauty shine on. Love yourself. The rest will follow.

2.Take a proper care of your body – having immaculate hair-cut and manicure is a must. For the ladies – if you are using epilator remove hair at least 2 days in advance and thread/shape your eyebrows. This may be the difference between good and bad impression. Even if it is a TFP-shoot, make the time, it may lead to a future paid job.

3.Do some exercise. Untrained body is untrained body no matter what your weight. It is not going to get you to the top. If modelling is your career, you need to invest in it. It will also lift your mood and give you more energy.

4.Train poses in front of the mirror. Make photos of the poses. Watch other models on TV, on YouTube, on the top fashion websites. Learn from the best. Look through fashion magazines for ideas.

5.Make your own website and business cards. If needed, hire a specialist. Choose up to 2-3 photos from a session to display on the website, more (up to 10) can go on social media. Gather references from people you have worked with – photographers, designers, MUA-s, hair-stylists, other models. Put them on your website. Make videos –  people would like to see how you look in real life, not only on the finished product – retouched photographs.

6.Network. Build a circle of acquaintances in the fashion industry – collaborate, take part in shows and events. Use social media and casting websites to the full of their potential. Offer to help and give advice. The favour will be returned in future.

7.Learn to do your own makeup to the highest standard. Take a makeup course if necessary.

8.Choose your portfolio photographers wisely. Look at agencies websites and top fashion magazines for comparison. Never settle for a second best.  A quality photograph is worth much more than 1000 bad photo-sessions. Remember – quality, not quantity counts. Consider printing your portfolio in a format suitable for bringing to shoots and events.

9.Be punctual.Be on time and never cancel a shoot for minor or insignificant reasons. If in doubt, consult with the photographer – honesty, the best policy.

10.Be yourself. Have your signature poses, gestures, attitude.

And… best of luck! Never give up, you are worth it.

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