It’s been a summer filled with sunshine and today when the sky is so bright and blue and the air filled with warmth I am more likely yo have forgotten the weeks of rain straight after my return from holiday. I am glad I got to photograph two more muses for my Ichtys series – Valeria Ivanova and Temz Arabadjieva. The photographs from these two photo-shoots are now on on my Facebook page. I must say I am quite keen to use my camera, I feel I got my thrill back with new rewinded energy and I am looking forward to what more this summer has to show. I would be exhibiting for a fist time with my wedding photography – LoveHeartPhoto – at a fair in Leamington Spa and this would be my first time getting myself out there – something I haven’t done in a while since I focused more on the creative art photography side this year.

I am also looking forward to working on future projects with the famous and extremely talented stylist and jewellery designer Jina Sheovska who has just moved to UK and whose work regularly appears on the covers of fashion magazines and on TV. Exciting times!

I would like to be more useful to other creatives in the industries and after my post ‘Top 10 tips about modelling‘ I would aim to create more of this type of content.

Have a beautiful day, everyone, make the most of it! ; )

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