Show me, show me!

Do you show the photographs to the model just after the photo-shoot has come to an end? I don’t. I avoid it as a wildfire if possible.

There are couple of reasons for this.

The first one is superstition – it’s not ready yet, it’s not to be seen until the whole project is complete, seeing it might somehow attract ‘evil powers’ and spoil the end result. I feel it’s a bit like not seeing the bride(in this case the photograph) before a marriage or not sharing good news before you are 100% certain.

Secondly – selection. My style of photographing is not keeping the model in an artificial ‘statue’ position and taking one ‘ideal’ shot. I need to see the model in motion, to let her breathe and relax and in order to do this I take a lot of photographs. Not all of those photographs are good, most of them are really really bad photographs but as long as they lead me to ‘The One’ perfect photograph, that’s absolutely fine. I don’t want the model to see those bad, ‘in-between’ photographs, because this is going to discourage her, spoil her mood and this is probably going to ruin the rest of the photo-session. Similar is the case with the MUA and Stylist of the shoot – I don’t want them to think that this is how the final image would look like because it won’t.

Thirdly – retouch. Most of my photographs are not a finished product until I spend hours on Photoshop. I am not a documentary photographer. I see myself as a creator, I add to reality and show my vision. I feel a portrait is a reflection of how you see your muse, an effort of displaying her inner aura. So, showing the photograph before the edit is like showing a piece of wood before you carve it into a piece of art.

Fourthly – trust. If you’ve seen my works, if you’ve liked them and have decided to work with me on a project, you should already have an idea of what style the photographs would be edited in and what kind of atmosphere they would have.

Why I have written this post? I would like people to know my reasons and not think that I am ‘weird like that’ or that I am rude for not showing them. It’s just my nature – some artists can draw with thousand people behind their back watching them, with photography I prefer to create and show the final artwork as this is what I would like you to remember.

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