Festive vibes

It finally feels like Autumn is here to stay. I love the mild sunshine in the sunsets, the streets decorated with red, orange, brown, maroon and deep yellow fallen leafs storing sweet scent of nectar. It’s like the nature is dressed in nostalgia dancing with the wind under the subtle melody of fallen raindrops. I have recently focused more on art photography, especially half-way through my Ichtys project. But last Sunday I felt like doing an Autum Fashion editorial shoot and perfect timing – Gayatri got in touch – and we planned a new project to capture the colourful vibes of the season. I must admit I quite like the trends this season – deep red, deep yellow, maroon, dark frog green and reddish brown. I went on a small investigation trip in the afternoon and picked up a pullover, a lipstick, mascara and nail polish for the shoot. In addition I am planning to use some of the accessories and clothing from my available styling selection. What’s even better I will have Jina Sheovska to join the shoot and take the styling to a whole new level. Very much looking forward to it.

A week ago I had the pleasure to be photographing the AGA Festival in London and captured images of food-writer Lucy Young, Mrs.Moneypenny from the Financial Times, interior designer Kathryn Ireland, nutritionist Olivia Wollenberg and model Daisy Lowe. You can read my impressions from the day here.

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