Strings of time

Hi lovelies, long time no see! Some exciting things happened recently including the wedding of one of my best friends for which I accomplished a flight marathon departing on Firday, attending the celebration on Saturday and flying back on Sunday. Totally worth it! And it felt really stange, like time has stopped and it was yesterday staying in her kitchen after school listening to ‘Dido’. Some of the hilights of the evening was us dancing with the bride at 2am to ACDC. I was happy to be assigned with the task of capturing the beautiful day and even though it was puring down and freezing cold we have now some nice warm memories. I also got to see some of my closest ones and even though it was for such a short fragment of time it still meant so much. Svet has just opened a cultural centre at the National Palace of Cuture in Sofia, it is called ‘The Feather’ and is a 24-hour bookstore and an artistic scene. I was fascinted to see it and, of course, got back with lots of new books.

Now that the winter is almost here and I already feel Christmasy, I can dedicate more time to my creative projects. I would need 5 more photo-shoots to I can complete ‘Ichtys’ and start working on the book for it. Meanwhile I have couple of other projects aligned among which is photography for the website of a Warwickshire-based dress designer. I also plan to do more painting, I started a new artwork on Monday which I can try to finish this evening. And I have started visualising in my mind (and mood-boarding on Pinterest) my next project to take on after ‘Ichtys’.

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