I didn’t fulfil even half of my last year’s resolutions. But I did try and it has been a bit of a frustrating journey. However, I had my closest people making everything better and reminding me not to give up. For next year I would need more patience and persistence. I would like to promise myself to want less and to give more.

I will promise myself to focus on my creative projects and start a couple more new adventures. And of course, complete the ‘Ichtys’ series, so close now! I have been reading some English fairytales on the train to London and they really got me inspired for creating art photography.

Last year I learned a lot more about British history, culture, sport, art and architecture. I did attend a bloggers course which helped me find my own voice and be better in expressing my thoughts. I developed new skills in retouching and improved my graphic design skills. Hopefully these achievements, no matter how small, will give me a better start in the new year. Wishing you all a magical New Year.

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