How to be successful in 2016 (and not only)

This is my first post for the new year and this year I haven’t made a list with resolutions. I have the ones left from the previous two and I think that sometimes you just need to stop for a second, look what you’ve already achieved and see what more you can do and what you can do better and start from there. Some may say it’s good to set realistic goals but what’s a reslistic goal is a restriction to what you can achieve as anyhting can be achieved provided the right amount of enegry and determination is put into it. I do believe that truly wanting something to happen makes it much more likely to happen and what you have not sufficiently desired is what we call impossible. This si not to say that I do not stand behind my previous though that: ‘Sometimes when you really really want something, from the depth of your heart…. nothing happens.’ But ‘sometimes’ is not ‘always’ and hope is what keeps us going. It’s a matter of how you stand up after a fall and focusing on the fall itself is not going to lead you any higher unless you learn from it.

Here is my list of simple steps that will help you do better during the new year:

  1. Always do something. I often refer to the ‘rest by working’ routine as filling your spare time with creativity will give you the feeling of self-accomplishment and will help ypu develop additional skills.
  2. Read a lot. And read the right media for your chosen field. Reviews are susually quite helpful for finding the best book for you.
  3. Meet people. Keep in touch with friends and acquaintances and get to know new people. They may help you establish future partnerships.
  4. Offer help. You would be surprised how beneficial sharing your won knowledge can be.
  5. Keep a diary to organise yourself.
  6. Network.
  7. Follow other people’s work.
  8. Dress for success.
  9. Ask for feedback. Analysie what you can do better.
  10. Lean new skills, start a course, adopt a new technology.

Photography Update:

I recently had the pleasure to work with a luxury couture designer from Warwickshire – Phoebe Fong – with whom we created a fashion campaign for her new website which is to be launched soon. You can have a look at all images from the shoot here.

Wisihing you an exciting and prosperous year ahead.

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