Why #selfies are good

We have seen numerous ‘zombie’ caricatures of the moden day people with mobile phones stuck to their hands, their souls leaking into the little light boxes and leaving them listless to the ‘real life’ happening around. Perhaps there is some extend of truth in this but I am willing to look on the bright side and show why in my opinion mobile phones have had positive influence on our society going beyond the obvious utilty of them.

I think mobile phones can help you find your creative side and they can do this to people that never thought they had a creative side at all. The wide availability of them (nowadays even the basic mobile phones have picture-capturing options), the ease of use and the immediacy of it not only in taking but also in adding it to Social Media, make it so much easier. I was delighted to have recently been asked by an elderly couple in the park to take a snapshot of them two on their i-pad. They had 60 year happy marriage togehter!

I do think that mobile phones through the object of photography(whether that is you, an item, an animal or a scenery) also help about building your self-awareness, self-analysis and self-reflection. It helps you get to know yourself better, it often makes you look closely to your surroungind and truly capture and appreciate the moment.

Mobile phones through photography have the power to change or challenge mindsets and ideas, to show us a lot of individual points of view. It is for me an almost limitless expression of self.

They also make longer distances seem much shorter or almost non-existent. Seeing new images of your friends from million miles away makes you a part of their life as they can be in your thoughts through those little reminders and you can be more aware of their feelings, emotions, adventures, challenges and changes they go through.

How do you reckon? Do you think differently? I would be glad to hear your thoughts.


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