Ichtys – Exhibition

Dear reading friends, I’ve missed you. I’ve been so busy organising my first photography exhibition: Ichtys – The Fisherman’s Daughter. Feel free to pass by – it will be on all through July.

I’ve got to tell you it’s a bit like a magical box new and new things keep coming up that need to be planned, created and added. I’ve put my whole heart and soul into this project and I am trying not to loose my mind in the process. I am trying focus on positives, sometimes it’s easy like a sunny day and sometimes not so much. But having your support is like the first sip of coffee on a Monday morning.

I have also started the work on another project which I’ve been putting off for a long time due to lack of financial¬†and time resources but thanks to the model who inspired me to get it moving – Eli – I am now ready to shoot. It’s based on the fairytale ‘Donkey Skin’ and the skin itself took the longest to make. It had to be realistic. Shadow, my cat, was helping out too. Very much looking forward to the day of the shoot in July.

Behind the scenes

I have also been asked by ‘Digital Photographer‘ magazine for an interview on using web transfer systems for my photography and the article would appear in their next issue. I hope they would also feature a photograph from my ‘In Bloom‘ Spring series which I took with beautiful Elena.

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