Exhibition Opening, work in progress

You know when people say they have to write something down to realise it has actually happened… last couple of weeks have been quite surreal, I don’t even think writing helps me realise what is happening… My Exhibition Opening night, the talks with visitors, the meetings with the models behind the portrayers, the talks with other artists, seeing my artworks on the walls of the gallery… it impossible to express what it feels like this torrential downpour of feelings and emotions but deep down inside I know it’s something transformational, liberating, invigorating…

The Ichtys Exhibition is now on and you still have the opportunity to visit by 4th of August. The book created as a result of the project is also on Sale at the LSA Gallery in Leamington Spa. Feedback to self on the Exhibition planning – design a digital catalogue with all artworks in case someone who cannot physically visit the exhibition is interested in purchasing an artwork. I would like to share couple of snaps quickly taken at the Gallery:

I’ve started the work on my new fairy-tale project ‘Donkey Skin’ with stunning Elitsa. I am looking forward to doing more of the photographs with her soon. Here is a detail from one of the images I took with her two weeks ago.

detail Silvena Photography

It’s a strange time, I feel I’ve taken a different path in my photography development, more trusting my inner self and creating what I truly want. It may be scary at times, place I’ve never been at but it also gives me the tempting opportunity for exploration. Well worth taking… I like the times when I can just stop for a second the roller-coaster which I have created out of my everyday missions and just stay still, look at things, look through things, look inside and beneath… and just be a silent part of the surrounding miracle, little glimpse of  energy glowing in the deep burry pond of the night… or something…

And then… what do you call art you can’t show to people… but you felt the urge to create? Is it art at all if noone but you saw it, and felt it…

Good night, lovelies, sweet dreams…

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