Everyday magic

When I was little I believed I had long hair (which I didn’t) and I lived liked the whole world was a miracle (which it is, you just should not forget to see it).

Photo: On my way to the ‘Donkey Skin’ Photo-shoot

Last weekend we were photographing for my new project – ‘Donkey Skin’ – which is based on a fairy tale. I hand-made the ‘Donkey skin’ using a rubber mask and artificial garment I was lucky to find in the local fabric store. Ah, and there was lots of gluing and sewing involved. Then I started searching for the 3 dresses, they had to be perfect, and once they arrived, I attached to them additional garments and elements to make them closer to how I imagined they would look. I must admit I had this idea for this shoot for a long time but never got round to doing it until Eli proposed to model for it and this triggered the whole process. With her long and enchanting hair, elegant features and classic beauty, I felt she is the perfect character to play the part. I only needed to pull all threads together and make them work. I was extremely lucky to be introduced by my friend Jane to Suezanna, an extremely talented Makeup and Hair stylist who made the whole look come to life. I was delighted!

It was a very sunny day which unfortunately did not help us with our ambitious task but we played round the shadows and the occasional clouds to take the photographs. The Coombe Abbey Park was full of people in weather like this. The highlight was when a little girl came near us and asked her mum if my model is a real fairy. I did offer her to take a photograph with Eli and her little face was the personification of pure happiness and sense of accomplishment thaw you can ever see written on a kid’s face. Below is the letter her mum sent later this day. *I’ve changed the name to protect her identity.


Silvena Photography


I’ve only started the editing of the photographs; maybe in near future I would re-take some of them as due to the huge contrast certain areas in the background look too bright compared with the areas in the shadow where I’ve taken the photograph. It’s all a lesson, I certainly think there are some good takes, but I know I can do better than that.

On another note, The Fisherman’s Daughter (Ichtys) Exhibition is still on at the LSA Gallery in Jephson Gardens and it’s open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm. I had the chance to speak to some of the visitors last week and the week before and met some wonderfully interesting people. My next challenge is demonstrating watercolor or oil painting at ‘Art in The Park’ festival which takes place on 6th and 7th August in Jephson Gardens. My dear friend Maria would also be displaying her beautiful artworks there and the multi-talented Jane would be singing – just one more reason not to miss it.

Ah, I can’t believe I’ve lived in Leamington for three years and have just found the art supplies shop, it’s a wonderful place which I am planning (hopefully time and money permitting) to pay frequent visits to. It’s a shame I can’t take part in their life painting sessions due to the style and method of my painting.

Another wonderful thing, today I got a letter for Winning 3rd place at the ‘Leamington in Bloom’ competition run by The Town Council of Leamington Spa for my ‘Peaceful Autumn Afternoon in Jephson Gardens’ photograph. It came as a nice surprise because I thought they’ve selected the winners long time ago.

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