Naked Thoughts

Recently I did model for a an extraordinary figurative realist artist which I was fortunate to meet at an art fair.  I did mention to few of my friends but it somehow surprised me the similarity in their their reaction – ‘Did you pose naked?’. It made me wonder why this should be the first thing that comes to mind when people think of an artist painting a female. I have investigated the thought of nudity in art in the first years of my photography development. I was posting on a Photo Forum which was the main hub for professional and developing photographers where their work was getting evaluated on the basis of votes and comments. Photographs containing nudity were getting far more attention and appreciation (regardless of aesthetics) than any other genre. Back then I did make a statement to myself that I would like to show the true beauty of a woman in a way that evokes even more appraisal than a naked art photograph of her. I don’t know why but I did not find the need to show my muse unclothed to convey idea I had or to reveal her soul. Don’t get me wrong, this is a very very personal concept I apply only to my artwork, and it is not and would never be a judgement to anybody else’s work. My lifetime favourite photographer and the one who inspires me to pursue photography portrays 89% of his characters nude. And I do admire his artistic display, structure, metaphors, hidden story-lines and signature portrayal. And then there is also the Judgement of Paris so well known from Greek mythology where (naked) beauty conquers everything. The only mini-statement I may  be trying to explain to myself is that nudity should not be a necessary condition for art and vise versa.

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