Sunshine piercing my soul

‘I want the sun to shine through me, not on me.’

These words which I recall from a movie seem to be resonating in my mind reminiscenting the experience of the ‘Art in the Park‘ festival at which I was exhibiting as Marie Muller for a first time this year. It’s utterly overwhelming, these two days have filled me with such an intense emotion that I still feel like I’ve gone through a little door into a whole new universe which is a scary, powerful emotion. Every time I am frantically working on an art idea I get this feeling this is all one could possibly need… Like a performance at the theatre to which I once went where the actor shared behind the scenes he came back home late in the evening, his mum asked him to sit for dinner but he said he does not feel hungry because he completely nourished his soul with art.

It’s the people that make the place. And the artists at the festival were truly inspiring, supportive and extraordinary on so many levels. After two days starting at 8am in the morning and finishing at 6-7pm in the evening, and my ‘healthy’ diet of doughnuts for breakfast, burger for lunch and pizza for dinner, I have never felt so alive and charged with energy, never-mind the exhaustion, it’s an inner energy that keeps my whole being vital, like walking on air. Bryan Kelly, Kevin FranceMaria Hopper, Neil Moore, Roger Chamley, Milik, Suminder, Tony Dobson and Heather Wilson are among the artists I’ve had the pleasure to be around in the last couple of months and to see over the two days of the festival. I would highly recommend looking up their websites and touching to a part of their unique art realm.

Marie Muller Artworks  Marie Muller Artworks

The theme this year was camouflage and I wore two of my grandma’s dresses from the 40s. When I was little she used to work in a clothes factory as the Chief Accountant and would get her beautiful dresses from there. I still remember her bringing me to her office and letting me type scribbles on the typewriter.

I’ve sold my first three originals and I am confident they are off to a good home. It’s such a strange feeling of sentiment that can hardly ever be described with words…

I’ve been slowly progressing with ‘Donkey Skin’ photo-shoot editing, too slow for my liking, and to admit, I am a bit frustrated with myself but last night I did two artworks which I am pleased with, which certainly improved my mood.


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