Getting Published

One of the most challenging endeavors for both models and photographers is getting your work featured in fashion magazines.  Where should you start from?

1.Make a list of magazines you would like to get featured in and send them individual, personalised e-mails.

And make it big: the more, the merrier. This does NOT mean you have to compromise on quality, after all you would like to be featured in a good magazine and not just in any, but it’s important that you establish as many contacts as possible. Make a note of the type of work they feature and the submission guidelines for the ones with specific requirements (it is vital that you follow these if you would like them to even read your submission e-mail). Then try to find out the name of the executive Editor, it’s always best when you address them by name rather than the standard ‘Mr/Mrs’. If you can’t find a name don’t worry too much, as long as your letter is written in a professional manner and uses polite tone of voice, it would make a good impression.

2.Make sure you have something unique to offer.

Your art would not be everyone’s cup of tea and it does not need to be. As long as you stay true to yourself and create the art you love you are bound to succeed. What Editors would like to see is something different, original, well executed and thought-through.

3.Never send high resolution files.

The mailboxes of editors are bombarded with hundreds and hundreds of e-mails every minute and you do not want to trouble them with an e-mail that may crash their system. Instead, send up to 10 web-friendly images.

4.Provide full credits of your team. 

This not only shows respect to the work of everyone involved in the photo-shoot but also gives an idea of the talent who made the project happen. It shows the editor you work with other professionals and you take your work seriously.  If the Model, MUA, Hair-Stylist, Stylist have a company name and a website, make sure you include these. In addition if they have some distinctions – Fashion Awards, significant publications, etc. – this would also make your project stand out. For the models – mentioning the name of the agency you work for – is a good move.

5.Never give up.

This is by far the most important step. Just remember, every decline you get on your project leads you one step closer to the e-mail in which you will get a positive response. I know it’s hard and frustrating when your work gets rejected but there are numerous reasons why this decision might have been taken and often they have nothing to do with the quality of your work – it may be that the issues are already booked, they are looking for a different style or theme at this particular moment, etc, etc.

This week I got 3 rejections on my ‘Donkey Skin’ dark fairy-tale project which we’ve created with so much passion and dedication. I’ve spent hours making the costumes, thinking of suitable location, organising the shoot, retouching the images. The Model (Elitsa Boneva) spared whole two days of her time and was covered in flour and different types of makeup, ran in the hottest day of the year hooded with a ‘Donkey Skin’, got the looks of everyone in the park (on a day like this). Suezanna Ward, the Make Up Artist, spared from her time, an on the day in which her partner had planned to make her a surprise engagement proposal (she said YES), to create the beautiful princess Make Up look (to suit all 3 dresses!) and the gorgeous fairy hair. And it can not be upsetting when you receive, even a polite decline. What matters is to keep faith, to know your worth and not to get discouraged by a temporary disappointment. So last night I got the news that a PUMP Fashion Magazine would like to feature our project in their issue on September 30th. I can’t even describe my excitement, it’s the best feeling!

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