One of the little paradoxes of time I find for myself is that you can only ‘keep’ it after you’ve spent it. The liquid veil of time shuts your eyes at night and leads you to a different universe, the forest of your subconscious. Often in my past I’ve felt like I’ve been ‘skipping steps’ and every time I did had to come back and take them properly. A shortcut is not necessarily the easiest way to go through the tunnel of learning and experiencing. Time is devilish, treacherous, invisible and yet so heavy, it is ticking on the back of your mind with every single breath. Can anyone control time? Some magicians are believed to have a certain power over time or its physical representation on the body. Same goes for vampires and other creatures of the darkness. It seems a dangerous game playing with time, it makes you wonder – is the time a trap, a cage, we are all trying to break free from; or is it us, through our wish to control time putting chains on ourselves instead of using it as wings to explore new territories…


This Saturday with time on our hands and not a very definite plan me and Helena headed to the beautiful Cotswolds to explore some ideas. We were looking to find some interesting questions to bring back home. Our first stop was some bizarre cat mummy garden which we weren’t quite sure if we are ready as yet to use as canvas our our little adventure. So we headed back to the warm stone walls of the village where we found some suitable backdrop on which to draft our first sketches.

I’ve explored similar theme in the past with my ‘Time Machine’ art photograph for which my beautiful cousin Antonia posed. You can see the image below:

Silvena Photography

As I am slowly revealing more and more images from my ‘Donkey Skin’ fairy-tale project on my Facebook page this September, I’ve started thinking on my next concept which would also be ‘a world away’. Looking forward to the next couple of weeks when I am hoping to have more time to read, paint, create and challenge my mind.

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