Do more of what makes you happy

It’s easier said than done… I wrote the title of this post about a week ago and since then a lot has changed which made me realise even more how fragile those glimpses of euphoria are and how dependent on external factors our emotional balance is.

It’s never late to take on a new adventure and work on a new skill, every beginning can be frightening, disheartening, uncomfortable. But what we don’t realise sometimes is that it does not necessarily have to lead to something. We gain more from the process of doing something than from the result of it, as long as we endeavour to this new venture with a free will and open mind.

I’ve started planning and gathering props (long process) for a future project related to witchcraft. It’s quite challenging as I would be looking to create unique characters and avoid being influenced by already build personages such as the witches from the TV series ‘Salem‘ (which I like and dislike for various reasons) and the witch played by Cara Delevingne in ‘Suicide Squad’ (purely visual aesthetics here). What I like about ‘Salem’ itself is the fact it shows the ‘ugly’ side of witchcraft, the motif that every magic requires sacrifice – the bigger the wish, the more precious is what the character needs to part with. What I dislike is the ‘perfumed’, predictable and cliched at times story-line. Still quite enjoyable to watch for the costumes and two of the key female figures.

I am back from a two week holiday at the Black Sea and Sofia which charged me with inspiration and for a first time in a long while I had time to indulge in aimless, directionless walking, experience every second, be real, embrace, feel and inhale shared emotions and be myself. I came to realise how the capital city has changed and there are many new, two-storey bookshops opened and lots of young people looking for books, speaking with each other about books; it’s a wonderful transformation. I had the honour to be present at 3 book launches of talented young authors and the anniversary of ‘The Quill‘ – the centre for culture and books that opens its doors 24/7 for the book lovers.

I do terribly miss my friends and family… Yet, I am happy to be back. I can’t believe it’s been six years since I first arrived here: scared, full of hopes, not knowing what to expect, but mesmerised by this completely new universe. I had a hard time adaptation and shock but once it all settled I realised I never felt I belong somewhere so much. And I do feel I cannot look back.

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